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Credit Repair

Did you know you're OVERPAYING for just about EVERYTHING you buy when you have BAD CREDIT!?


Most people with bad credit don't realize they pay THOUSANDS of dollars MORE for big ticket purchases than someone with good credit. Your car, your house, your credit card interest rates... all higher than they should be. We can help you STOP paying higher interest rates by helping you get GREAT CREDIT!

Credit Report & Scores

We're going to get you ALL 3 Credit Reports and all 3 Scores for ONLY $1!* This will help you to understand what's on your credit report so you can be informed. Then, you can show your report to our experienced Credit Repair Specialists in your FREE no obligation credit consultation to get a plan for achieving GREAT CREDIT!



We're Credit Repair Experts

If you don't understand your credit, that's ok... because WE DO! We'll explain everything you need to know about how credit works, and what we need to do to get YOUR CREDIT scores and reports looking great. Credit repair can be very complicated, but our professionals will handle everything for you!



Great Credit Fast

Getting great credit won't happen overnight, but it will happen faster than you think... IF YOU GET STARTED TODAY! Don't put it off another day, our specialists are ready to handle your credit repair case and get you the CREDIT YOU DESERVE!



We Get Results

We've helped HUNDREDS of clients just like you get great credit in a short period of time. Our methods are legal and we work directly with the credit bureaus and your creditors to achieve FAST RESULTS! You'll see progress within weeks. So, don't delay get started today!

Credit Repair Services

We offer credit repair services to help with any type of bad credit situation!

Collections & Charge Off's

Collections & Charge Off's

Collections can really hurt your credit and tell lenders that you can't be trusted with another loan. We can work to dispute any inaccurate information and request that the collections be deleted.


Charge Off's can do serious damage to your credit so it's best to let a credit specialist handle your unique situation.


Late Payments

Late payments can be a sign to new lenders that you aren't a good risk. We can help by requesting the removal of late payments from your report.


This can be through "good faith" efforts, and/or disputing inaccurate information.

Foreclosures, Evictions & Reposessions

Foreclosures, Evictions & Reposessions

If you're struggling with a foreclosure or eviction on your credit, we can help! Every situation is unique and we'll take action on your circumstances.


Reposessions can really harm your chances of getting a future loan, let us help you remove the blemish on your report.

Student Loans & Defaulted Loans

Student Loans & Defaulted Loans

Student Loan debt can be a burden that leads to defaulted loans. We're here to help you get back on track and out of default! Plus get your credit report free of the past late payments and default status.


Defaulted Loans can make it very hard to get new loans, let us help you rebuild.

Judgements & Tax Liens

Judgements & Tax Liens

Judgements can be detrimental to your credit, fortunately we know how to navigate the complicated process of removing them from your credit based on your personal circumstances.


Tax Liens can be a complex burden on your credit report, let us handle it for you.

Bankruptcy & Identity Theft

Bankruptcy & Identity Theft

Having a bankruptcy on your credit can literally halt your ability to get new credit for years, let us help you to speed up the process.


If you're the victim of Identity Theft you need the help of experienced credit professionals who can navigate the process to undo the damage to your credit report.

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